Monday, April 29, 2013

Wilde Imagination "Prudence-Am I" Review!

Hello! Today I am reviewing a doll from Wilde Imagination.

 Fast facts about "Prudence-Am I?"
 Height: 16 inches
  Eye Color and Type: blue inset(glass)
Hair color and length: Brown waist-length
Prudence has 12 points of articulation. That is how dolls can pose in certain ways. The name "Am I?" came from a part of the poem that came with her.

The box was very pretty and easy to open. It was gold and had the words "Wilde Imagination".

  I really liked that it was really easy to get her out of the box. I only had to untie two ribbons.

The outfit Prudence came with has a vest, 2 shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of gray socks, a pair of gray high heeled boots, a gold belt, gold shimmery stockings, a striped scarf, and a gray hat.

One shirt was short sleeved and gold and had the word 'Foxy' on it. It is really nice. The other shirt is long sleeved and it is charcoal gray and gold. Maddie looks pretty nice in that. I really like the outfit because I can mix and match with it.

I have a hat that is very similar to her's!
I also liked the fact that Prudence came with a doll stand. I find it much easier to have her stand up to pose.
Prudence has very silky hair. She also has painted finger and toenails. The nails are kind of a rosy pink. Those are very important and nice details.
And another useful feature is that instead of Velcro, there are several snap buttons! This prevents doll hair from sticking. I think this is brilliant.
I also like her belt. It doesn't have a Velcro or anything on it and is designed just like a real belt. All in all, I like Prudence very much. The only thing this angel needs is a name! Prudence doesn't seem to fit her. Comment below with some name suggestions and then I will pick the best sounding name :)
Wilde Imagination has new dolls that just came out this month! I really like them and like "Soft Sigh" out of all of them. Here is the link for the new dolls: link


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