Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Samantha's return!

Violet: Amelia Pru
Blue: Kanani

Hey guys! I know I have been posting a lot, but this kind of stuff is what I do. Hey. Ahh! First Kit, now you? I can just sit here. Is that ok? I guess. It's a free country. Alright. Well, American Girl announced on their Facebook and Twitter that Samantha will be returning! Awesome! Yeah. Well, Human really likes her friend, Nellie. American Girl didn't announce the return of Nellie, though. I think she might return as well, because she is pretty much a part of Sam's collection. Oh, and AG also said something about changing the Historical Line. I wonder how. Well, that looks like that is it for today, so I will see you guys later! Bye!

P.S. Do you like the other dolls kind of barging in on my posts? I am kind of fine with it and almost like a guest appearance. Oh! Speaking of that, if you want to make a guest appearance, email us dolls at
(The Sam and Nellie pic is from the internet. IT IS NOT MINE.)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines day and AG releases

Violet: Amelia Pru

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay on stuff, but now I'm here! Sooo, AG released a bunch of items today. And I am going to report on them! Well, some of them. Well here are my picks!
I really like this outfit. It's nice and bright. I bet Mini Kaya would want this outfit. :) also, Kaya really deserves more outfit.
I would probably wear this outfit or get this for Kit. It's nice and kind of frilly but doesn't serve Kit's personality at all. It could be a nice Sunday outfit or something. Oh, and the chocolate bunnies! Yum!
Ummmmm ok? I suppose it is cool as accessories for Addy but ummmm I have nothing to say about this. Nice I guess?
This is absolutely beautiful! Totally me. I give this a 10. You didn't rate anything else. Ahhh! How long have you been sitting here? The whole time. Ummmmm ok? So I really like the double bows on the dress and the color. Me too.
We'll see you! Yeah! Go Team USA! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sorry for not posting

Sea Green: Human
Hey guys! Sorry for not posting. I had a lot of school to deal with. Don't worry, the giveaway will start this weekend! I hope. :) Well, you will see some USA spirit from the dolls as the Olympics go on. Did you guys watch the opening? Reply below!