Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Kit! (And some secret news from Amelia)

Green: Kit
Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi everybody! I'm Kit! I'm 11 years old, and I hope to post here a lot! I like green (but it isn't my favorite color) and I like.... TACOS!  Seriously? They're really good! You should try them! Anyway, Human says that she is going to check that thrift store now for more dolls :D Hmmmm.... Should I post pictures? Yes! Now let me find some.......
Me and Kanani! I told you, she's not a hugger. Whatever.
Well, I have to go now because Amelia wants to tack on something to MY post. 
Thanks. Well, Kanani's birthday is the 24 and everybody wants to get her a good present. I do? Zippit. Anyways, I hear Human is trying to start and Etsy shop (oooh, more secrets) and I think we should get her something from her shop. If Human has a debit card or something. (Dont tell Human about this idea) Well, what should we get her? Comment below some suggestions that us dolls can do. Maybe craft her something. Dunno. She likes the color blue....

Monday, September 2, 2013

Some secret news! (Or not)

Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi! Amelia Pru here! Sorry we haven't been posting! Human has been really busy and spending time with her family. Oh, the news! Well, on the 17, she was looking around a thrift store and her mom found a used Samantha! She didn't have much clothes on,, and she needed some TLC.
Human was going to get her for her early birthday when her mom found Kit and a Gotz boy!
It was a really hard choice between Kit and Sam, but she chose Kit! I have a few more pics that I can post...
Well, anyway, Kit is going to make an appearance on here pretty soon and I wanted to fill you all in. Cya!