Friday, March 29, 2013

IYWCC Easter Egg Hunt! (And other stuff)

Hi dolls and their Humans! It's just me posting today. Maddie went off looking for an Easter dress I think. I think Human posted this before, but I want to post it again. Tomorrow Human's church is having an Easter Egg Hunt. Human will be going, of course. I want to go, but Human said no because she doesn't want to leave me anywhere. Here is the link for details on where it is and other things!
I don't exactly have an Easter dress. I'm thinking of wearing my holiday dress or my meet outfit with my cardigan. Marie-Grace will wear the outfit I'm not wearing. Not sure about Abby, though. We will do an Easter photo with all of us! 
What do you think I should wear for Easter?

Hairstyle on Doll Diaries!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Hi guys! Look at the hairstyle Human did in my hair! How come Human didn't do it in my hair?
Easy. My hair is better than yours. What?

My hair isn't quite like this anymore. Ha ha! Grrr....

Moi! Seriously? 
I am thinking of doing a review of Kanani and her starter collection.Yesssss!
Comment whether I should do that or not.  I'm looking forward to being reviewed! What about me? I'll do a review on Maddie, too. YIPPIE! ...
Here is the link where Human learned how to do the hairstyle HERE! Bye peeps! Cya!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guess it 6!

 Congrats to Nina for guessing Guess it 5! These are sure going fast! Yup. This time there is 2 of them! Two? Yea. You can guess either one or both. 
This is the first one!
The second one!

Here is your reward Nina!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Guess It 5!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Congrats to Fiona for guessing Guess It 4!
Here is the reward!
Here is the next one! I said stop finishing my sentences! Fine!
You have until Saturday to guess it!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guest post!

Hi doll lovers! If you have a photostory, craft, or anything doll related and you want to post it on here, you can just email us it! We are also looking for more dolls to post with us. If you want to be a regular poster, you can just email us at We will make you an author. Um wow. You just came out of the blue. Hardy har har. Well, anyway, if you want to guest post, email us dolls at Enjoy this picture!

Instant Doll Sweater!

 Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
HI! This is sort of like a craft to make a sweater for your dolls. Human found this by accident.
•Blank dolly t-shirt with Velcro at the back
•1 or more 18 inch dolls.
You can see Kanani wearing the t-shirt that we are turning into a sweater underneath this.
The flower stickers fell off. :P
Ok. So you have your t-shirt and your dolls waiting to wear the fabulous new sweater. Now you turn it around. That's right. BACKWARDS. Then you put it on your doll and snap the Velcro like a sweater with one button at the top. AND YOU'RE DONE! Pretty easy, right? Here is a picture of what it should look like.
If you wanted to be even fancier, you can hot glue little buttons on the Velcro snap thingy. I think you know where she's talking about. Thanks human for making me an Easter sweater! Please comment below telling Human what you thought about this little craft! P.S. Human meant to post this earlier, but this is perfect for Easter! HEY! You seriously need typing lessons.Grrrr....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Viviness & AG: Giveaway: An American Girl $20 Gift Card!

Viviness & AG: Giveaway: An American Girl $20 Gift Card!

Vote for the Caption that Pic!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Dark Red: Emma

HI! Human and her sister just chose the final 3! Here are the finalists!
Maddie: Marie-Grace, you sure fall a lot!
Marie-Grace- I don't mean toooooo! *Marie-Grace falls*
Marie-Grace: Seriously?
Maddie: Oh, I'm just messing with you! I'll help you up!

Maddie: What's with the dress?
Marie Grace: Well, you do know that there's a party today... right?
Marie Grace: I said that there's a party today. You didn't know that?
Maddie: Kanani was saying something about getting ready.
*Marie Grace sighs*
Marie Grace: Oh Maddie, Maddie, Maddie. Seriously?

And one of our new readers, Lila!
*Maddie is yelling*
Marie Grace: What's wrong, Maddie?
Maddie: I lost my glasses! Help me!!!
Marie Grace: They're on you.
Maddie: Oops.
Marie Grace: Relax. It happens.
*Maddie glares at Marie Grace*

We are trying to post the poll, and when we do, vote on your favorite!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A late Saturday Showoff!

Orange: Marie-Grace
Dark red: Emma
Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
First of all, I want to say I'm sorry for posting this sooner. I went snow tubing and was super busy. But I get to post a bit more because I go on spring break on Monday! Yay! HI! Our human can be super chatty. We are going to tell you about the photos that our readers sent us. Right, Emma? Yup! ... ANYway, here are the wonderful pictures that our readers sent us!

Grace's dolls are having fun in the spring!
Jan's doll is dressed pretty! I LOVE her shirt.

Toy Girl2's doll named Amanda-Grace celebrated her birthday on the 17! Happy Birthday!
Samantha Lynn's Ruthie is dressed up for fun! I, again LOVE this outfit.
This Yan Li's AG Doll named Zoey. I have to admit, Zoey looks pretty. We have to talk sometime! 
We hope that you liked these awesome photos! 


Saturday showoff getting posted soon

Human is doing her homework :) We are going to post last week's saturday showoff today. Thanks!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet Emma!

Dark Red: Emma
Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Hi! So before human and her sister went snotubing, both received a package! 

Thanks Jan!

And introducing..... Emma! Yay! Emma you're here!

Here we are together in the car to go snow tubing! No fair!

Here are them  meeting each other!
Hi! I'm Little Miss Matched Uptown! I'm Maddie's best friend!
I thought I was Maddie's best friend.
Emma is my best friend from New York City. You're mine
From Hawaii. ...…
Bye! Bye! Bye!

Winner of the giveaway!

It's finally time to pick the winner!

Congratulations! Email us at with your address so we can send your reward to you! You have until Tuesday to email us.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giveaway being announced......

HI! Human and her sister is going skiing and snow tubing, so we won't announce it until probably this afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your understanding!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Winner of Caption that picture!

It's finally time to announce the winners! The winner is...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Too much suspense! Fine!

The winner is Jan Brady with 4 votes!
McKenna got 1 vote, and Nina got 2 votes.
What do you think Marie-Grace and Maddie are saying?

Guess it 4!

Wow! We haven't posted in a looong time! Well these, anyway. Fiona, here is your reward!
Here is this one! 
No looking in American Girl Wiki this time! You have to guess the JLY number and the outfit if it is one.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't forget to enter our giveaway!

Hi! Maddie here! Don't forget to enter our giveaway! It ends this Friday and we will pick the winners Saturday. I can't wait! Oh, and we will be combining last week's Saturday/Sumday Showoff with this week's. Cya!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Temporarily closing Create a Dolls.

Create a Dolls can be a lot of work. We are going to close it temporarily for the month of March. We are going to work on the old orders though.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vote for the Captions!

Hello! Time to vote for the new captions again! Here are the ones that human and her sister picked.
Nina:Alex: I heard you fell, Marie-Grace. Are you okay?
Marie-Grace: Yes, I'm fine, but no one would help me uoooo! *Marie-Grace falls* 
Marie-Grace: Not again...

Jan Brady:(Declaration of Independence is on the wall)
Alex: Just think, Marie-Grace, 200 year ago, all those great men signed this paper and made themselves free!
Marie-Grace: oh? And I suppose that now you think you're one of them.
Alex: Sure!
Marie-Grace: oh, really? Then show me how you sign your name like John Hancock!
Alex: Fine! (Runs off to get pencil and paper) Im back! (Climbs on top of the bench and then trips and falls off the bench)
Marie-Grace: (laughing uncontrollably) Sorry, pal, but I just can't see John Hancock tripping and falling as he signs the Declaration of Independence! 
Alex: Humph!

And McKenna's:Marie-Grace: Um, Alex, what is that, um, thing on your shrit.
Alex: Oh it's just some stuipid thingy for school. I tink it's for the farm feild trip. Why is your hair like that?
Marie-Grace: I hate to break it to you, but your late for school.The bus just left for school. Oh, my hair is like this for social studies.
Alex: WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Oh, how's your leg, I heard Maddie kicked it.(marie-grace faints because Sam asked her out again.)

Kanani: Oh no not again!! Sam is Marie-grace's booyfriend. UM DUH!!!
Kanani: Marie-Grace you do know he was asking you out because he wants you to be his girlfriend.
Alex:(like in those super-dramtic movies, so he is very dramtic)NNNNNNNOOOOOO!! MY FIELD TRIP!!

Sorry Fiona! We liked yours a ton. We're making the poll right now so you can vote.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today, I got the prize! YAY! Here is some pictures of what human purchased.

Human put me into this ASAP. You see that in my hand? Keep reading.

Here's Kanani and me. Keep reading!

You could win that outfit!(shoes not included)
  1. You must ask your parent's permission to enter.
  2. You also must be a follower. 
  3. If you can't do the google follow, just follow by email and comment below.
  4. To enter, tell us 1 thing that you like about our blog and one thing we can do better.
  5. Open for the U.S and Canada only. Sorry guys!
For extra entries:
•Share on Facebook(+1)
•Tweet on twitter(+1)
•Tell a friend(+2)
•Email us a picture for Saturday Showoff(+5)
•Post about it on your own blog(+2)
•Pin our pictures(+2)
•Follow my sister's blog
The contest ends Friday at 11:59 PM. If you comment after that it doesn't count. We will pick the winner out of a hat. Well, human and her sister will. They'll announce the winner next Saturday afternoon. Our email is If you are the winner, you must respond by Monday. Then we'll pick another winner. If you win, email your address to us and we will send it ASAP. We won't abuse your address and will erase your message as soon as you get it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winner of the Caption that Pic!

Ok, so the votes are in! 5 people voted for Fiona, 0 for Flower :( and 5 for Nina! Do you know what this means? WE GET TO VOTE! P.S. It's actually a tie so both of you guys won. Pat yourself on the back!
Judges, come forth! Abby! HERE! Alex! HERE! Kanani! Here! Maddison! Here! Marie-Grace! Here here! OK! You are going to vote on the caption that picture! AWESOME! 
THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! THE FINAL SCORE IS..... FIONA-6 NINA-7 AND FLOWER-2!! CONGRATS NINA AND FIONA!!! You guys were tied, but when us dolls voted, Nina won. Both of you earned this reward:
You have until Sunday to put it up, then our owner and her sister will choose top 3.
Caption away!
P.S. Marie-Grace's hair is in a Princess Leia hairstyle. Google her to see who she is.
P.P.S. Alex is wearing a Chick Fil A sticker human got at the CIRCUS!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vote for the funniest Caption that Picture!

Well, on Sunday, my owner and her sister picked  out the funniest ones. They, however, didn't get to post it until today. Here is the ones they picked!
Fiona: Kanani: What in the world are you doing on the floor, Marie-Grace?!
Marie-Grace: Wdll I was just, you know, picking something up... and, I ... fell.
*Kanani looks at Maddie*
Maddie: Hey, it's not my problem!
Flower:Kanani: Are you sure about this??
Marie-Grace: Yep!
Kanani (throws Marie up in the air) 
Marie-Grace: I'm FLYING and I'm falling. Aaaaaaah
Kanani: whoops! 
Maddie:  hahaaha
Marie-grace: Mabye I would fly better if I jumped out of a tree! 
Kanani: facepalm
Nina:*Marie-Grace falls* 
Maddie: Marie-Grace fell.
Kanani *running in circles* OH NO! MARIE-GRACE FELL! WHAT ON EARTH WILL WE DO? 
Marie-Grace: I don't know... Maybe HELP ME UP! Ya know, that actually sounds like something you would say. HEY! 
Sorry, McKenna! Maybe you can try the next one. :) Vote away!


MADDIE GUESS WHAT? MARIE-GRACE GUESS WHAT? ALEX GUESS WHAT? ABBY GUESS WHAT? What? What? Yea, what? What? WE GOT 20 FOLLOWERS ON OUR BLOG!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!1!  -MOUTH DROPS-  OK.....  COOL KANANI!  Have fun. We are going to pick up the outfit for the giveaway this week, I promise. Yea. I can't wait! We are going to pick the winner out of a hat. Or bag. Follow us all you like! We're gonna shout out our followers.
Mikaela Vall!
Raine Sunshine!
Asmita Biswas!
Elizabeth Mattice!
Dollsondablog! lol
Trinidy Irie!
Jan Brady!
Anisah James-Morrison!
Thanks so much for following us! You made a difference just by clicking two buttons. Because of that, we are going to have a giveaway.  Thanks again! -sniff- Are you crying? Um... no! Not at all! Whatever.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Guess it 3!

Well today-we wanna do a guess it too! Yea! Ok! Fine....
We picked a  photo from and pixelated it. 
You have until next week to guess the doll and the outfit. It may be hard......

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Answer to Guess It 2!!

That guess it must have been hard, because nobody guessed it! Well, if you still want to guess, skip this post. If you want to know the answer, here it is. 
The answer was Just Like You 4 in the Chinese New Year Outfit. It is a retired doll and outfit, just like in the hint. Here is the new one! Guess away!
Man, these things are going like hotcakes!
Congrats Nina! collect your reward :)