Meet the dolls!

Here is where you meet my dolls. I'll try to stay up to date :)

                                                         Journey Maddison 
                                             Favourite color: PURPLE!!!!
                                             Favourite book:I have too many favourites.
                                             Best Friends: Kanani, JLY 46(coming soon)
                                             Birthday: December 27
                                             How I got her: Late Xmas present.

Kanani Akaina
Favourite color: Blue
Favourite book: Mines :)
Best friends: Saige(coming soon!), Rose(JLY 46), Maddie
Birthday:September 24
How I got her: I saved up for her and got her for my birthday.


  1. The LMM( Little Miss Matched) do,is are cute, but I don't have one. They're being discontinued, though. Kanani is really pretty, and one of my favorite AG dolls.

  2. Yea Maddie looks most like me. I think they are already discontinued. :( Kanani is also one of my favorite dolls, and will always be

  3. Oh my goodness, THIS IS A CUTENESS OVERLOAD! lol ;) Love you girls and your blog, keep it up and do't give in!!

  4. Are you going to add abby alex Marie-Grace and Emma? Just wondering. This is Mckenna

  5. Love your blog!
    We are starting an American Girl Message Board and would love for you to be among the first to contribute your thoughts, ideas and photos!

  6. Really your blog shares new interesting things for kids.

  7. Kanani is one of my all time fave ag dolls!!! :D

  8. How to you do "Create a Doll"? Please answer. I just want to know how people do it.

    -TL from

    1. Just download a picture and upload it into an editor! Anyone can do it. :)

  9. I heard you got a doll at a thrift store! what doll was it? Nellie? Samatha? Saige? TELL ME! McKenna-p.s. I think I'm getting my doll blog soon! I am also getting a surprise outfit from AG! My mom told me that she would buy me an outfit, so I chose 3 of saige's outfits for her to choose for me- Saige's PJs, Sweater Outfit, or Sparkle dress. My mom might order the outfit tonight! EEEKKKKKK! I'm sorry if I'm braging!

  10. Yawn. Boring blog alert

  11. I love your blog! And your dolls are so cute! Here is an address to my doll blog:


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