Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A trip! (And other things)

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie

Hey guys! Soooo Human went on a trip and Maddie came along. No fair! I am the smallest, though. Still. Anyway, here are the pics:
You watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid without me? I'll watch it with you later.
Meanwhile, while Maddie was gone:
You guys danced? BAHAHA! It's what happened, OK?? Ok.... Anything else? Oh yeah! Amelia came to see what we were doing and she perfected her dance for the Hooray for Winter Event. What dance? Ummmmmmm..... You never heard anything about an event. Yes I did. No you didn't. Not anymore. Fine. I'll just wait for you to tell me about it and I'll act like you never said anything about it earlier. Good. Anyway, Kit is a really good dancer. And you found the New York AG Place hat! I guess I did. (Sorry we haven't posted in a while, though!) This was posted way later than usual. Yeah. Well, we wish you a Merry Christmas! :) Andddd a Happyyy Neewwww Yearrr! Seriously?  I couldn't leave it hanging! Well, anyway, if you read this on Christmas, you can tell us what doll-related things you got! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Purple: Maddie
Blue: Kanani
Green: Kit
Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi everybody! Hi! Hey. Well, it's Thanksgiving! WOOT WOOT! Kit! Sorry. Well, we are going to put a list of what we're thankful for. This is going to be a mess.

We're thankful for: 
The blog!
Our followers!
My sisters (and brother)
Our awesome clothes
Our sponsors
Doll Diaries!
The American Girl Fan Message Board
The Delightful World of Dolls
American Girl Fan
Our giveaway winners!

I bet we could list forever, but we won't. :)
So happy Thanksgiving! (And Happy Thanksgivukka! However that's spelled.) How are you guys going to spend the holiday?  Put it in the comments below! :)  Bye! Bye! Gobble Gobble! Kit!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paper doll fever

Sea-green: Human

Hey everybody! So you know these design your own outfits papers?
Yea, those. Well, I decided to make one a paper doll! She ended up looking like this:"

And so I made some outfits for her. I mean, you can't leave a doll naked! So I made these:

And I also made a suitcase to hold the shoes.

So, she doesn't really have a name, so what should I name her? And should she appear more often?

Friday, November 1, 2013

GOTY 2014 revealed!

Lavender: Amelia Pru

Hey guys! I jumped through the ring of fire, went through the Pit of 100 Trials to get you this news. Not really. I just had to sneak past Human and post. Anyway, GOTY 2014 is.............. ISABELLE! Here is a picture I found. NONE OF THESE ARE MINE!
She is pretty.:)
Some people are complaining about the blonde, but there was only 2 blond GOTYs. What's the matter with 3? Jeez. And I LOVE her ombré hair piece. Me too. ACK! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be sleeping. So are you. ... Anyway, I love her! Hint, hint Human! See you in the next post! What next post? Who is Isabelle? You saw and heard nothing.

Psst! Yea you! By the way, Amelia got the photos from Doll diaries and The American girl Fan Message board. Check out both of them!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Humans Christmas Wish List!

Lavender: Prudence

Hey guys! This is really early, but I found Humans Christmas Wish List!! Oooooh, let me see! Whoa whoa whoa! This is MY post. Dude, share! Plus, I want to see the wishlist. Fine. Well, here it is!
  1.  Mag#37. I'm not ready for another sister. Not yet, anyway. I like her! And I heard that her name will be Lucky or Grace. I like both names.
  2.  Mag #28. She seems really pretty. Kit? She is pretty. I don't mind having a couple more sisters... :)
  3. Clementine. She is pretty, as well.
  4. Holiday Dress. I love this! 
Well, that's it for now. I might do some more.
What do you think?
What do you want for Christmas(or any other holiday you celebrate)?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sorry for no posting, Kanani's birthday, and Human's birthday!

Blue: Kanani
Green: Kit

Hi everybody! Sorry that we haven't posted in a bit. Human had school and stuff. We'll try to post on the weekends. Well anyway, my birthday was not too long ago! Maddie got me a bracelet, Amelia got me a necklace, and Kit gave me a mini doll! Let me clarify. We found them, and gave them to you because they are cool. And the doll is for all of is to share. Whatever. Well, it was Human's birthday not too long ago, too! She went to NYC and brought us! So the rest of this post is about Human -.-. Well, she took photos of some dolls that she liked (#28, #37, and #46).
Well, she got me a doll and a doll shirt! 
See you guys later! 

P.S. Here are some photos of me with some effects added.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet Kit! (And some secret news from Amelia)

Green: Kit
Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi everybody! I'm Kit! I'm 11 years old, and I hope to post here a lot! I like green (but it isn't my favorite color) and I like.... TACOS!  Seriously? They're really good! You should try them! Anyway, Human says that she is going to check that thrift store now for more dolls :D Hmmmm.... Should I post pictures? Yes! Now let me find some.......
Me and Kanani! I told you, she's not a hugger. Whatever.
Well, I have to go now because Amelia wants to tack on something to MY post. 
Thanks. Well, Kanani's birthday is the 24 and everybody wants to get her a good present. I do? Zippit. Anyways, I hear Human is trying to start and Etsy shop (oooh, more secrets) and I think we should get her something from her shop. If Human has a debit card or something. (Dont tell Human about this idea) Well, what should we get her? Comment below some suggestions that us dolls can do. Maybe craft her something. Dunno. She likes the color blue....

Monday, September 2, 2013

Some secret news! (Or not)

Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi! Amelia Pru here! Sorry we haven't been posting! Human has been really busy and spending time with her family. Oh, the news! Well, on the 17, she was looking around a thrift store and her mom found a used Samantha! She didn't have much clothes on,, and she needed some TLC.
Human was going to get her for her early birthday when her mom found Kit and a Gotz boy!
It was a really hard choice between Kit and Sam, but she chose Kit! I have a few more pics that I can post...
Well, anyway, Kit is going to make an appearance on here pretty soon and I wanted to fill you all in. Cya!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The winner of our 3rd giveaway is...

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Lavender: Amelia Pru

Hi guys!  Well, it's August! And the giveaway is over! Ummm.... Why are you in pink, Maddie? Dunno. Wanted to try a new color. Wait! Huh?

Red: Kanani
Orange: Maddie
Pink: Amelia Pru (temporarily)

Seriously? Hehe :) Well, anyway, the giveaway winner of the swimsuit of My Doll's Life is...........................................................
Congratulations to Emily! We will send an email, if we haven't already to you. For the rest of you, congratulations anyway! We will have more giveaways soon, so keep on checking!
Bye! Byeee! See ya later!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shoutout to the 45 followers!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Lavender: Amelia Pru

Hi everybody! We have 45 followers! And we are going to shout out every single one.

TL Irvin!
Liza Confino!
Cate Mannew!
Kayla Hubbard!
Kathryn B.!
Hannah Chu!
Christina L.
Allison Elizabeth!
Hope AGPrincess!
Libby Doyle!
Professor Cool!
Vivienne Rose!
Bailey M!
Cindy Brady!
Mikaela Vall!
Trinidy Irie!
Flower Murray!
Raine Sunshine!
Asmita Biswas!
Elizabeth Mattice!
Dollson Dablog!(us!)
Yan Li!
Jan Brady!
Anisah James-Morrison

Let us know in the comments if we missed anybody. Thanks everybody for following me us! And thanks to everybody who followed in another way!

A Summer Giveaway!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Lavender: Amelia Pru

Hey guys! If you read Amelia's post, then you know there's a giveaway coming up. If you didn't, it's ok, because it's happening RIGHT NOW! I'm really pumped! So am I! We are giving away.......

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The swimsuit that Human reviewed! Yayyy!!! You can enter to win it right here! It ends on the 27, so hurry and go enter! The giveaway starts in 3...2....1....