Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guest Post!

 Blue: Kanani

Hi guys! Well, today, we have our first guest post! Yayy! There will be a post afterwards so look out for that too! Noor, take it away!
Orange: Noor
Light Blue: Alisha

Hello readers of Dolls on Da Blog! My name is Noor and I blog at My Amazing Life Being 10 which is not an American Girl Doll blog but it is still pretty fun! Today I am going to share with you my AG room which was almost totally DIY. None of the main things were from American Girl. I also have one doll named Alisha. She will actually be writing the rest of this post because she doesn't get to write on my blog. (I'm going to see how well she can come up with a post)

Well hello, my name is Alisha and I'm 8 years old (in doll years) Anyways, I'm so excited to do this post! Yay! Like my Human(Noor) said, I am going to be showing you around my room today. It is small but I love it!!! Ready? Let's go!!
Here is a picture Human took of me! (She's not the best photographer.... we had to enhance it.) ALISHA! You were not supposed to say that.  Sorry.... Well, don't I look awesome. Those boots are my favorite!!
Here is my bed. It actually looks good today! Of course it always looks good-  It never looks good. Whatever, anyways, isn't it spectacular. Human made it for me through a shoebox! Ooh! Let's start with the board. I have a small mirror that I made from my Doll Crafts kit. Next to it is my PinBoard. Human is obsessed with Pinterest so she created a Pinterest thing for me! Next to that is a sign that reminds me to do my homework. (Ugh, hate the homework) The blanket on my bed is Human's old baby blanket. I really love it. My pillow is a small throw pillow that fits my bed perfectly. On top of the pillow is a quilt Human made for my stuffed animals. Speaking of stuffed animals, I have a lion, a penguin, a puppy, and a doll. My doll is so pretty! Moving on...
Next up is my desk. (Another bad picture from human.) HEY!  It's true. So here is my somewhat pretty desk made from a shoebox. On it I have a pretty cover thing that my friend Julie gave me.(Noor here, Julie is my friend's doll.) On the cover, I have a hair-tie, a brush from AG, and a lotion thing. I also have a giant bag full of bathroom stuff. This is stuff inside of my desk. First I have a little bin full of coloring/drawing tools. Next to that I have my mini-perfume. Next to the perfume, there is a hand santizer, two glues, a lip balm, and a lotion. The lotion is really helpful for my dry skin!

Over here is my shoe pile. We have my sneakers, soccer cleates, cowboy boots, and slippers. It's really easy to get my shoes after I come out of bed.

Last but not least, we have my clothes bin. I have way more clothes than the ones visible but Human just wanted to show you what they look like.
(Noor here, I used a big jewelry box to keep Alisha's clothes in. It fits perfectly in her room.)

 Well, here is her room. I hoped you liked our tour. Tell us in the comments below if you would like to know how to do some of these crafts like maybe the bed. I would love to do another Guest Post on this blog teaching you AG lovers how to do that!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Purple: Maddie

Hey guys! Happy Easter! Chocolate bunnies and stuff is EVERYWHERE. Even in American Girl's special edition set for me. CoughcoughHumangetitformecoughcough. We need to get some Reece's Eggs or the Reece's bunny. REECE's HAS CHOCOLATE BUNNIES?? Yup. I bet it tastes really good. Hey! Why didn't you guys wait for me? AHH! Oh, hai Kanani. Um... you were busy? Whatever. Continue on. Uh, ok. How was your Easter? Comment below! Seriously?

Friday, April 4, 2014

And the Winner is.......

Green: Kit 
Hi guys! I'm technically supposed to wait for my other sisters to announce the winner, but I wanted to do it. Plus, they are late (and busy).
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... THE WINNER IS............................ 
KAYLA! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We already sent the email and your poster will be coming sooon! We will be having more giveaways and posts, so check in often!