Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Post!

Hi! This is Kanani! And this is Maddie! I am going to work this blog most of the time. You? I am going to work on it too! Not to mention the other dolls that are going to come too!  Ok whatever we will be working on the blog. Well this is our first post and we hope you'll like our blog! Stop finishing my sentences! You were too slow!Well anyway bye!


  1. Replies
    1. I would but don't have a google account and don't know how to add one

    2. You go to your Dashboard, click on your blog title, then click Layout, and click Add A Gadget, then scroll down until you see Followers with a picture of a bunch of little green people, click the blue plus sign and add it! Hope this helps.

  2. Thx! Planning to post again tonmmorrow

  3. Dolly Girl I added the follow button :D

  4. CONGRATS on your blog!!!! This is so cute!!

    ~Molly and Madison :)


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