Friday, April 5, 2013

Kanani Review!

Sea Green: me
Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie

Hi! Here is the review of Kanani! I hope to do Maddie next week!
There's me! That is Kanani in her meet outfit. Excuse the blanket and pretend that it's orange sand XD

Here is my dog, Barksee!  He came in Kanani's accessories. The photo didn't come with the photo but AG says it came with one...
Here is me walking Barksee! Barksee didn't come with the leash or collar. I made it myself. :)

Here is Kanani sitting on her beach towel. The beach magazine came with her paddleboard set.

Can't forget the sunscreen! (Ok, I cheated with a sillyband)

Here is the padddleboard set. I really find it realistic and cute. (Her swimsuit came in another set)


Meanwhile..... HEY! Your took my towel! So?
All in all, Kanani gets an  A-. Her hair is kind of hard to take care of. Otherwise, she is the best doll ever! Why thank you! 



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