Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Voting time!

Oh my doll! We totally forgot! Human has has a lot on her mind. She took a biiig test last week and she is going to take another next week. Anyway, we are going to stretch it and let all 4 of the entries go in the voting round. These contestants are: 
Kanani- Oh, Marie-Grace, you're breaking Constatutional law!
Marie-Grace- What'd I do?
Kanani- You ate the last cookie.

(Constition hanging on the wall)Kanani: Okay, Marie-Grace, time to learn about the Constition!!
Marie-Grace: Do I have to?
Kanani: Yes, you do. This is very important.
Marie-Grace: But we aren't even in real school!!! This is SO unfair. I don't think I have to learn about today.
Kanani: UGH!! Fine. I'll just stop. Go. Gosh, I wish she would come back, this is very important.
Marie-Grace:YES!! I'M FREE!! I'M FREEE!!! I'M FREEE!!!
Kanani: UGH!!!

Kanani: What's this?!
Marie-Grace: Duh.
Kanani: What does 'duh' mean?
Marie-Grace: Oh brother, why can't I have a nice American sister?!
Kanani: What's an 'American'?
Marie-Grace: This is going to be a looooooooong day...

And Mikaela's:
Kanani: What's this weird thing on the wall?

Marie-Grace: Uh...Isn't it obvious?

Kanani: Um... no, my eyes are closed.

Marie-Grace: Then how did you know that it was on the wall?

Kanani: I don't know. Maybe I have magical powers!

Maybe I do have magical powers...

Vote away on your favorite until next Wednesday!


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