Saturday, May 25, 2013

Release Rain Shoes review!

Sea-green: Me
   Hello readers! Today, I am going to write a review on a pair of shoes for my Ellowyne that Releaserain sent me for review.

The shoes are cute low-cut boots with 2 bows on it. They are handmade and I think that they look really nice. The shoes are 4.5 cm. long. The shoes fit a little snug so it is less likely to be lost.
Here is the link to the shoes if you decide to get a pair for your 16 inch doll! Click here for awesome shoes! The fabulous shoes can fit 16" Tonner Tyler, Antoinette, Ellowyne Wilde, Sybarite, Gene and Avant Guard, and all other 16" fashion dolls with similar size feet. I really like that the shoes could be worn with a fancy dress or with jeans. Those shoes are sassy with a bold color. The boots arrived in a very timely fashion. I got it in 1 week! All in all, these boots are very sassy and something that I would wear. The boots came early, were very cute and bright, can be worn with anything, and the shoes can fit several 16 inch dolls.  5 stars for Release Rain!
A note from Kanani: Hey guys! We are going to try to launch the giveaway this weekend! And we might try to use something different...


  1. Hey, do you know if these will fit a Tonner City girl doll?

  2. Hello!

    Sorry to answer this so late, but I don't have a City Girl to answer for you. They are similar, so maybe. Hope this helps!


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