Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vote for the captions! (And meet Amelia)

Violet: Amelia Pru
Purple: Maddie
Blue: Kanani

Hi guys! Remember me from this post? I looked at all the colors to post in and decided on violet. You took my color! No I didn't! This is temporary until I find a real color. Anyway, thanks Dollygirl for giving Amelia her first name! Lets get back on track. There were 3 entries so all 3 made it into the voting round! Here are the entries:
Bailey M.:
Maddie: 'Summer..............'
Kanani: Maddie are you ok?
Maddie: Oh yah, yah, I am fine! I am not dreaming about summer are anything like that!
HAHAHAHA(laughing in a fake way)
Kanani: I think you need some time alone.
Maddie: 'Summer..........................'


Maddie: KANANI!
Kanani: What?
Maddie: I can't find my glasses!
Kanani: So?
Maddie: I can't see!
Kanani: (pointing to window) Look!
Maddie: Hey, a bird!

And AdeleCupcake(Fiona):

Maddie: Ahh... just sitting here, dreaming.
*Maddie falls asleep*

Make sure to vote away until Wednesday!


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