Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Doll's Life swimsuit review

Sea-Green : Human

Hello everybody! As you might notice in the sidebar, Dollsondablog has a new sponsor! The new sponsor is My Dolls Life! They provided a swimsuit for me to review and something else for the giveaway! The swimsuit that they sent me was very nice! It's very floral and really fits Kanani.  As for how well it fits Kanani, it fits really nicely. It fits even better Kanani's swimsuit! 

There are Velcro straps on the shoulder instead of the back, where Velcro is usually is. I think it makes it easier to put it on my doll. But, because Velcro's Velcro, you have to make sure to put your doll's hair in an up-do like a bun when you put it on. 

All in all, I think this outfit deserves 5 stars!

Some extra photos:


  1. Hi dollsondablog! I couple of weeks back, you told me you would give me a list of doll blog names. I might get a blog SOON! So, if you could, please post the doll blog names. Thank you! McKenna

  2. I got you're e-mail. Unforunately, it will not let me reply. So, THANK YOU! I will be using that doll blog name. I am really excited! I will be getting one on probally Thrus.McKenna


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