Monday, September 2, 2013

Some secret news! (Or not)

Violet: Amelia Pru

Hi! Amelia Pru here! Sorry we haven't been posting! Human has been really busy and spending time with her family. Oh, the news! Well, on the 17, she was looking around a thrift store and her mom found a used Samantha! She didn't have much clothes on,, and she needed some TLC.
Human was going to get her for her early birthday when her mom found Kit and a Gotz boy!
It was a really hard choice between Kit and Sam, but she chose Kit! I have a few more pics that I can post...
Well, anyway, Kit is going to make an appearance on here pretty soon and I wanted to fill you all in. Cya!


  1. Nice finds!
    Best wishes for your additions.

  2. Hey, I honestly think you should have got sam because she is retired and expensive on ebay. You could have gotten kit for your birthday. But anyways,nice find.P.S. you could go back and get sam for your birthday and fix her up. All sam needed was probably a downy dunk and some love.

    1. This is the same person.Just wanted to add that Samantha is retired and Kit is not.Just another reason to have gotten Samantha

    2. Same person :) Now with samantha's return, you can get her with the start of beforever from AG! Its actually a WIN-WIN solution now that there are revamping the historicals.

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  4. Can you tell me how you get a sponsor? I really want to do a giveaway soon!


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