Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paper doll fever

Sea-green: Human

Hey everybody! So you know these design your own outfits papers?
Yea, those. Well, I decided to make one a paper doll! She ended up looking like this:"

And so I made some outfits for her. I mean, you can't leave a doll naked! So I made these:

And I also made a suitcase to hold the shoes.

So, she doesn't really have a name, so what should I name her? And should she appear more often?


  1. She's cute. Nice work in creating her travel outfit.
    Have you visited N's Paper Doll World blog? She has some great posts on things like this, maybe she can inspire you some more. :)

  2. I love her! I will make a closet to hold my paper doll's clothes.


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