Friday, November 1, 2013

GOTY 2014 revealed!

Lavender: Amelia Pru

Hey guys! I jumped through the ring of fire, went through the Pit of 100 Trials to get you this news. Not really. I just had to sneak past Human and post. Anyway, GOTY 2014 is.............. ISABELLE! Here is a picture I found. NONE OF THESE ARE MINE!
She is pretty.:)
Some people are complaining about the blonde, but there was only 2 blond GOTYs. What's the matter with 3? Jeez. And I LOVE her ombré hair piece. Me too. ACK! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be sleeping. So are you. ... Anyway, I love her! Hint, hint Human! See you in the next post! What next post? Who is Isabelle? You saw and heard nothing.

Psst! Yea you! By the way, Amelia got the photos from Doll diaries and The American girl Fan Message board. Check out both of them!


  1. I think the complaint is more about how the last few new releases have been blonde (Caroline, Marie-Grace, & now Isabelle). People are just hoping for more diversity among the new releases.

    She is beautiful and I am looking forward to reading and reviewing her books.

  2. Check your meet the dolls page! People are saying bad words about you and Maddie! I commented, telling them to shut their mouths and be nice. You should delete those comments. they said that you were ugly. But you're not!
    - Anonymous A.

    1. please get rid of my comment in that conversation too.
      - Anonymous A.


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