Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! And the Dolls' thoughts about Isabelle Palmer!

Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
Green: Kit
Violet: Amelia Pru
Hi! Hi! HELLO YELLO! Hey! Umm... Kit is a little... hyper today. HAPPY NEW YEAAARRRR!!! WOOT WOOT1! So Happy New Year! Isabelle is here! BOOHYAH!We're going to have Kit stay off the computer.Yup. We checked out the Whoa whoa whoa! You forgot to tell them about the awesome New Year's Eve Party we had! I would but SOMEONE didn't wake me up when the Ball dropped.We did! You kicked my face. I did? Yup. So we saw the ball drop without you. Seriously?? So we checked out the Ag website and saw Isabelle Palmer! Blanche Palmer sounds much better. Yea, it does. But we saw the contest and got Human to enter! So we can fly to New York and be in a cool hotel and go the American Girl Place and stuff. And to get Isabelle. Isabelle has a lot of clothes. She really does. 20 Mix and Match outfits combinations? I wish I had that many. And her cat is named Tutu. Tutu? BAHAHA! But I kind of like the name. And I like her pink hair. Wait wait wait! Did Kit stay up for the countdown? Take a wild guess. She erm.... found my secret candy stash. And ate it all. Oh. So she did. Uh huh. And it's why she's still hyper. ORIWEDBOFA1! Well, see you guys later! KIT! Bye!

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