Saturday, March 9, 2013


Today, I got the prize! YAY! Here is some pictures of what human purchased.

Human put me into this ASAP. You see that in my hand? Keep reading.

Here's Kanani and me. Keep reading!

You could win that outfit!(shoes not included)
  1. You must ask your parent's permission to enter.
  2. You also must be a follower. 
  3. If you can't do the google follow, just follow by email and comment below.
  4. To enter, tell us 1 thing that you like about our blog and one thing we can do better.
  5. Open for the U.S and Canada only. Sorry guys!
For extra entries:
•Share on Facebook(+1)
•Tweet on twitter(+1)
•Tell a friend(+2)
•Email us a picture for Saturday Showoff(+5)
•Post about it on your own blog(+2)
•Pin our pictures(+2)
•Follow my sister's blog
The contest ends Friday at 11:59 PM. If you comment after that it doesn't count. We will pick the winner out of a hat. Well, human and her sister will. They'll announce the winner next Saturday afternoon. Our email is If you are the winner, you must respond by Monday. Then we'll pick another winner. If you win, email your address to us and we will send it ASAP. We won't abuse your address and will erase your message as soon as you get it.


  1. I wish I could enter...:(
    But, I will tell you my favorite part of your blog!
    I love that you have your dolls post! It's really funny watching them fight over the Internet. I also love your caption that doll pictures! If I HAD to say something to make your blog better, I would say more photography. Thanks!

  2. Me and my sister would love to enter!
    I like your blog because of your imagination and cute dolls!
    You could improve by staying the way you are!!!
    I wanted to send you pics but dont know your email!! I followed your sis's blog!
    That gives me 8 entrys!!
    My sister Eden:
    I loooooove your blog so much!!
    I love everything about it!!
    I don't really like the coloring but that is just me!
    I followed you and your sisters blog!
    I get 8 entrys!!! Thanks
    Flower and Eden

  3. I'd like to enter! There is nothing you could do to improve your blog. You are already as perfect as it is! I pinned your pictures. I also will e-mail you pictures for Saturday show off! I posted it on my blog. I shared on facebook and tweeted on twitter. I followed your sisters blog. Hope I win!

    1. Oh, and I told 2 of my friends, Jan and Rachael.

  4. Id like to enter! I agree with Mikaela! :). I think your blog is perfect! And I love listening to your actual dolls talk. I do follow your sister's blog. I emailed you a picture for Saturday Showoff. I also posted about it on my blog: I also told one of my friends. :). Im so excited!

  5. I would LOVE To enter! My favorite thing about your blog is you post pictures all the time!
    There is nothing you can do to improve it its perfect! I told a friend I emailed you a picture for S.S. I posted on my blog about the giveaway and followed your sis blog.


    1. Yep, she did email a friend...that friend is MEEEEE XD

  6. I follow you! I have parents permission, live in the U.S. and all the required stuff ;)

    Hmm I love your blog so much! One thing I would do is turn off the "please prove you're not a robot" thingy ;P

  7. Replies
    1. I think that's annoying so ill try to fix it.

    2. First go to your blogger account then settings page then post and comments the show word verification and turn it off;)

  8. Hi I love your blog because it's so fun looking! It's not perfect is what I love.Because something that's perfect is not real and something that's real is not perfect. One thing I don't really like about some blogs is the fishing things.I think sometimes it distracts the readers and they come not to read the blog but to fish.

  9. post it there

  10. Hello, dolls on da blog!! You guys are awesome! I love the idea of having a doll talk! If I can choose some way to improve, I think that maybe the pictures can be clearer? Thanks!
    I already told two friend and will email a picture for your Saturday Showoff soon. That gives me- let's see, 10 entries? Thanks, Dolls on da blog!

  11. Hi!

    I'd like to enter, please!! This is such a great outfit! I follow you, I have my parents' permission, and my favorite thing about your blog is all of the pictures! One thing that I think you could do better is to create a 'key' (like on a map) of who is talking when you have the different colors. Maybe something like Orange = {Whichever doll is speaking in orange}. I think that would help a lot, because sometimes it gets confusing! I told a friend, emailed you a picture for Saturday Showoff, posted about it on my blog (, and I follow your sister's blog! I can't share on FB or tweet it. How do I pin the pictures? I didn't see a pin option. That gives me 16 entries so far. Let me know how I can pin it. :) Thanks!


    1. Hi Grace! I read about this contest on your blog. I am hoping to enter whenever I get the chance! You asked about how to pin the images......First you go to your Pinterest page and at the top right hand corner there is a button that says "add". Once you click that you have to add the web address for the site/blog you want to pin pictures from. Once you click enter it will pop up all the pictures on this blog and you just scroll through to find the one you need. Hope this helps! Have a blessed day!

    2. Thank you so much, Evangela!!!! Good to know! :) I will go do that right now!

    3. To Dolls on da blog: Pinned it:

    4. That gives me a total of 18 points!!!

  12. I follow
    I have my parents permission
    I don't know exactly yet because I am a new follower. :D

  13. Hello. I have my parent's permission, and would love to enter! I follow your blog. One thing I like about your blog is how you have a variety of posts. And one thing you could maybe do better is make the photos a little clearer. Otherwise, you're doing great!

    My Extra Entry:
    I follow you sister's blog!

    Thanks for having this giveaway!


  14. Great giveaway! I would love to enter, I have my parents permission, and I follow you!

  15. I posted about it:

  16. I followed your sisters blog!

  17. My favorite thing about your blog is that you post so often! What you could do to make it better is do some photo stories.

  18. I follow your blog,I told my blog that you were having a giveaway.I told a friend and that I email you the picture for the Saturday showoff.I have my parents permission,I tweet about it.I think that the best thing about this blog is that you take the pictures so well and I love the graphics.The one thing you could improve is that please do more writing.

  19. I can't follow you:( But, I am going to tell you what I like about your blog anyway. I love everything!! I would not want to change one thing, but ADD one: A WEEKLY CRAFT OR FAVORITE DOLL!!! I MAY FOLLOW YOU!!! BUT IF I HAD TO ASK YOU TO CHANGE ONE THING, IT WOULD BE TO DO MORE WRITING!! lIKE WHAT YAN LI SAID!!


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