Friday, March 22, 2013

A late Saturday Showoff!

Orange: Marie-Grace
Dark red: Emma
Blue: Kanani
Purple: Maddie
First of all, I want to say I'm sorry for posting this sooner. I went snow tubing and was super busy. But I get to post a bit more because I go on spring break on Monday! Yay! HI! Our human can be super chatty. We are going to tell you about the photos that our readers sent us. Right, Emma? Yup! ... ANYway, here are the wonderful pictures that our readers sent us!

Grace's dolls are having fun in the spring!
Jan's doll is dressed pretty! I LOVE her shirt.

Toy Girl2's doll named Amanda-Grace celebrated her birthday on the 17! Happy Birthday!
Samantha Lynn's Ruthie is dressed up for fun! I, again LOVE this outfit.
This Yan Li's AG Doll named Zoey. I have to admit, Zoey looks pretty. We have to talk sometime! 
We hope that you liked these awesome photos! 


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