Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vote for the funniest Caption that Picture!

Well, on Sunday, my owner and her sister picked  out the funniest ones. They, however, didn't get to post it until today. Here is the ones they picked!
Fiona: Kanani: What in the world are you doing on the floor, Marie-Grace?!
Marie-Grace: Wdll I was just, you know, picking something up... and, I ... fell.
*Kanani looks at Maddie*
Maddie: Hey, it's not my problem!
Flower:Kanani: Are you sure about this??
Marie-Grace: Yep!
Kanani (throws Marie up in the air) 
Marie-Grace: I'm FLYING and I'm falling. Aaaaaaah
Kanani: whoops! 
Maddie:  hahaaha
Marie-grace: Mabye I would fly better if I jumped out of a tree! 
Kanani: facepalm
Nina:*Marie-Grace falls* 
Maddie: Marie-Grace fell.
Kanani *running in circles* OH NO! MARIE-GRACE FELL! WHAT ON EARTH WILL WE DO? 
Marie-Grace: I don't know... Maybe HELP ME UP! Ya know, that actually sounds like something you would say. HEY! 
Sorry, McKenna! Maybe you can try the next one. :) Vote away!


  1. Hi! My name is Samantha! I really like your blog! Sorry I can't follow you! I don't have gmail! I think I like flowers the best so I vote her! Love your blog!

    1. Awww thanks! It's ok :)
      ~Kanani and Maddie

  2. I made it to the top 3? Score! Thank you Dolls On Da Blog and her sister! :)
    Mckenna, too bad your caption didn't make it to the top 3. I liked it a ton.

    1. Thanks. I haope you like my new one.:) I was going to vote for you, but I was too late. great job for the next caption that pic!! McKenna

  3. Ummmmm... Nina and I tied. What do we do?

    1. Yes! Great job, everyone who entered!


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