Monday, February 25, 2013

Another photo story!

Here is the photo story you wanted!

"Why did I have to get a cold the day of the Valentine's party?" Kanani groaned.

"Kanani! The Valentine's Party is starting in 15 minutes!" Maddie yelled.

"Kanani! What happened to you??" Maddie screeched.
"I got a cold," Kanani said. (How Kanani got a cold in Hawaii, I don't know) "Go get on my dress. I'm not going to the party, so you might as well wear it." "Ok," Maddie said happily.

":Wow! You look GORGEOUS!" Kanani said. "Go, before you get a cold, too."
So Maddie went. She had fun with Kanani's siblings (Abby and Alex) and danced a lot. (I have no clue how Abby's shoe came off lol)

Maddie met the new girl, Marie-Grace(Journey Girl) at the party.

Here is a close-up of Marie-Grace. HI! MADDIE said that I could post on here! SOMETIMES.

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