Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shoutout to my followers!

Hi! I was looking on our blog and saw that we had 10 followers!(It's actually 9, we followed our blog) Uh ok... Here is the list of followers and their blogs! If you follow us later, we will edit this post and put your name and blog website! So... here are our awesome followers!

Dolly Girl!
Elizabeth Mattice! Congratz on being our top 10 followers!
Thanks for following our blog! Just click on the names to get to their blog :-) Pls follow our blog! Byeee P.S. Pls order a create a doll on the top page just push create a doll and place an order! P.P.S. I will stop shouting out on this post at 10 followers. Tomorrow I might get something for a giveaway hint hint!

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