Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, I am not making an easter egg hunt for my dolls. That would be fun, though! An Easter Egg who? An Easter Egg hunt! We have one in New York every year! Girls! I am supposed to be typing this post. Sorry! Sorry. That's better. My church is having an Easter Egg hunt March 30, and I am inviting all of you readers to come! Oooh la laa! Maddie! Sorry! Whatever... Go to the Superkidz blog (children's ministry) for more details! Just click the link! Fine, I guess you can talk or whatever. CYA! We will post another post so you can meet Marie-Grace! Not the AG one. She is a Journey Girls doll. Her name used to be Kelsey, but our human's sister renamed her to Marie-Grace. BYE!

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