Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We are back!

Hi! we are going to give you a pic of us. If we can find out how...  We are twins you can call us Abby and Alex. We look alike except we have different hobbies. Mines is basketball. My hobby is dancing and singing. My other hobby is baseball and soccer. My other hobby is gymnastics. I hope Kanani  doesn't catch us. Don't worry she won't. You guys are going to be in big trouble with Kanani. Maddie please do not tell her we are on her laptop! We'll do anything! Anything? Yes anything!!!! Alex why did you say that? You don't want to get in trouble, do ya?  No but still, we could be mopping the floor for all I care! Kanani is right outside, I can go tell her.... No! No! Ok, can you mop my floor for me? No....It's your chores! I thought you said you could be mopping for all you cared.. OK, going to tell Kanani! Kanani, did you know that Abby and Alex-Don't tell her that we were on her laptop! Alex!!!!  You were WHAT???? Come here! Run!!! Ahhh! Come here into this hiding spot! I see you!!! Never mind.... We lost Kanani! Thank goodness.. PLus we figured out how to post a picture! I put it up. Comment below telling us what we should post about! I found you! Ahhhhhhh

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  1. I forgot to put that it is a custom picture. They actually have brown eyes.


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