Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi! :) Unfortunately, we didn't pick up an outfit for the giveaway yet. :(  But anyway, we were at walmart and  saw these cute dolls! 

They were called Diva Collection Dolls. I think.
I like this one. I like the other one better :) 

Here is the other one. Both of them has on Uggs. There was another one, but we didn't take a picture of it. She had a pretty fancy dress on. She wasn't wearing Uggs, either. They looked like slippers. No they didn't! Yes they did! No way! Yes way! Uhh.... excuse them while they are fighting about whether a doll's shoes looks like slippers or not.... Well anyway, I found another picture of me and Alex. Can I put it up? No, you did it last time! You lie, you put it up! Fine, put it up.

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